5th Canadian Cancer Research Conference Join Canada’s cancer research community at the 2019 Canadian Cancer Research Conference! Mark your calendars for the Canadian Cancer Research Conference taking place November 3 to 5, 2019 in Ottawa, Ontario. Hosted by the Canadian Cancer Research Alliance, this three-day event brings together researchers, clinicians, [...]

A New Technology for Identifying Biomarkers


The chemiluminescence based Ziplex automated workstation focus array reproduces ovarian cancer Affymetrix GeneChip expression profiles Xceed Molecular's Ziplex® system has been tested to evaluate the reproducibility of the signature of gene expression. Dr. Patricia Tonin has applied this new technology to study the pattern of expression of messenger RNAs [...]

Using bacteria to deliver drugs


Using bacteria to deliver drugs Tumours can be dense pockets of tissue that at their core contain very little oxygen. The dense nature of tumours makes it difficult for drugs to be effectively delivered to the central cells. The head of the Experiment Therapeutics axis, Dr. G. Batist, collaborated [...]

Open access results lead to advances in acute lymphoblastic leukemia


Open access results lead to advances in acute lymphoblastic leukemia The BCLQ collects samples coming from many types of cancers, including acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). Select ALL samples were analyzed via RNA sequencing by the Leucegene group who went on to published their findings and ensured that their data [...]

Bridging fundamental and clinical science using biobanked samples


Bridging fundamental and clinical science using biobanked samples Translational science refers to research performed in a lab, or fundamental research, which is then applied to patients in a clinical setting. It is unquestionably important to moving forward in the fight against cancer. This type of research requires collaborations between [...]

RRC-TFRI Conference 2018


2018 RRCancer-TFRI Conference It is with pleasure that we invite all members of RRCancer to our biennial conference to be held on Thursday, October 11, 2018. This joint RRCancer-TFRI meeting will take place at the Château Bromont Hotel immediately before the 60th annual meeting of the Club de Recherches [...]

Predicting patient responsiveness to PARP inhibitors


Predicting patient responsiveness to PARP inhibitors Patients suffering from ovarian cancer, whose cancers are known to have mutated BRCA genes, can be treated with drugs known as PARP inhibitors. Unfortunately, not every patient responds to this treatment. RRCancer Researchers Drs. A-M Mes-Masson, D. Provencher, and P. Tonin compared different [...]

Immunotherapy targets in ovarian cancer


Immunotherapy targets in ovarian cancer CD73 is an enzyme found on cell surfaces that can dampen the immune system responses. Already known to be involved in tumour progression and metastasis, a collaboration of RRCancer researchers (including the team of Dr. J. Stagg and 3 other network members) found that [...]

Identifying a new cancer susceptibility gene in the French Canadian population


Contribution of the PALB2 c.2323C>T [p.Q775X] Founder mutation in well-defined breast and/or ovarian cancer families and unselected ovarian cancer cases of French Canadian descent Scientific research has already unearthed various predictors of ovarian cancer, included the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes, however not all cases of ovarian cancers can be linked to [...]

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