DIALOGUE – Student Development Program

Dear RRCancer student members,

The evaluation committee has chosen to submit Dr. Elham Dianati’s application for the FRQ-S DIALOGUE competition.
We wish her the best of luck!

To find out more on the competition read below.

We have received an invitation from the FRQ-S scientific director to nominate a student (PhD or postdoctoral fellow) member of the RRCancer for the new grant program entitled ‘DIALOGUE’. The latter aims to support the development of communication of scientific projects with the community by offering an amount of $ 5,000 for a maximum of 1 year.

The objectives of this program are:

  • Recognize the commitment of university students from all areas of research in science communication activities to the community;
  • Encourage future researchers to hold science communication activities with the community;
  • Support the participation of university students in this type of activity, in order to better publicize the research, its results, its approach and its methods to the community, and to arouse interest in science.

In order to select the application that will be selected by the RRCancer, we kindly ask you to submit the following documents prior to Monday, September 30th, 2019.

1- A brief description of the project you are proposing (250 words)

2- A budget description

If you wish to obtain more information on this program and to learn the details regarding the complete application, please consult the following link:




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