5th Canadian Cancer Research Conference

Join Canada’s cancer research community at the 2019 Canadian Cancer Research Conference!

Mark your calendars for the Canadian Cancer Research Conference taking place November 3 to 5, 2019 in Ottawa, Ontario. Hosted by the Canadian Cancer Research Alliance, this three-day event brings together researchers, clinicians, decision-makers, and trainees at all stages of their career. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with top leaders in Canadian cancer research who will share knowledge and address key challenges and opportunities for innovating cancer research in Canada.



QBCF-TMAC is a program that regroups together several samples of breast cancer patients from three institutions (CHUM, MUHC and CHUQ). It is assembling a cohort of 2,000 breast cancer samples on tissue micro-arrays (TMA).

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Contribution of Ovarian Cancer Canada to the banking of ovarian samples

Ovarian Cancer Canada (OCC) is continuing its collaboration with RRCancer for its banking activities. This contribution will be used to support researchers’ efforts in the banking of ovarian tissue for research purposes.

The RRCancer sincerely thanks OCC for its generous contribution.

The Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation announces an important contribution with the RRCancer

We are proud to announce that the breast cancer biobanking activities of the RRCancer have received an important contribution. The Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation has committed $1 million over four years to support the collection of biological tissues (normal breast tissue, breast tumours, blood) and pertinent clinical data from women who consent to participate in the program. These monies will be shared by the five major breast cancer banking sites of the RRCancer at the MUHC, CHUM, CHUQ, CHA and the CHUS.

In addition, this contribution will allow us to develop a new program to bank circulating tumour cells from the blood of breast cancer patients. These cancer cells found in the blood are thought to represent the cells able to seed distant organs and initiate the metastatic disease which is associated with poor outcomes.


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