The mission of this axis is to favour structuring and scientific relationships that stimulate the development of multidisciplinary teams in cancer research based on infrastructure such as databases and tissue banking. The main focus of this axis is breast, ovarian and prostate cancer. The development of this infrastructure could serve as a springboard for a much larger spectrum of research initiatives.

By concentrating on the development of a provincial database for ovarian, breast and prostate tissue as well as all related data, the researchers within this axis have been able to come together and develop collaborative projects. Genomic, proteomic and mutation analysis platforms have been created and the expertise of the platform leaders benefits the entire group of researchers within the axis. Many projects involving new collaborators in this axis are now receving competitive grants, some of which are based on major projects with members of the network.


Dre Morag Park

Dre Diane Provencher

Coordinator: Louise Champoux


Dr. Moulay Alaoui-Jamali

Dr. Lesley Alpert

Dr. Armen Aprikian

Dr. Dimcho Bachvarov

Dr. Isabelle Bairati

Dr. Mark Basik

Dr. Gerald Batist

Dr. Alain Bergeron

Dr. Jean-François Cailhier

Dr. Michel Carmel

Dr. Simone Chevalier

Dr. Guila Delouya

Dr. Caroline Diorio

Dr. William Foulkes

Dr. Yves Fradet

Dr. Louis Gaboury

Dr. Thomas Gervais

Dr. Walter Gotlieb

Dr. Sidong Huang

Dr. Anita Koushik

Dr. Louis Lacombe

Dr. Jacques Lapointe

Dr. Réjean Lapointe

Dr. Korinne Lapointe-Milot

Dr. Anne-Marie Mes-Masson

Dr. William Muller

Dr. Alain Piché

Dr. Kurosh Rahimi

Dr. Nathalie Rivard

Dr. Francis Rodier

Dr. Fred Saad

Dr. François Sanschagrin

Dr. Peter Siegel

Dr. John Stagg

Dr. Marc Tischkowitz

Dr. Patricia Tonin

Dr. Dominique Trudel

Dr. Simon Turcotte

Dr. Ian Watson