The principal goals of the Research and Québec Leukaemia Cell Bank axis are as follows :

  1. Create and maintain a bank of well characterized human heaematological neoplasias. The constituent DNA is also preserved for each sample. A computerized database includes all laboratory analysese performed on each sample and their corresponding clinical data. Before this bank was established, the inaccessibility of adequate hematologic tumor samples represented a major hurdle in the development and competitiveness of our investigator's research. However, the availability of these samples has allowed for the creation of essential links between fundamental and clinical researchers.

  2. Offer a chromosomal analysis service for mouse cells using conventional cytogenetic techniques and by spectral caryotype (SKY). This service did not previously exist in Québec and was identified flagged as a very important service by our researchers.

  3. Contribute to the training of specialized personnel and students.

The objectives of the program are as follows:

  1. Understand the mechanisms involved in hematological cancers

  2. Develop tools and expertise to:

    • Facilitate the work of researchers in hematology, cancer and immunology
    • Facilitate the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of hematological cancers
  3. Developing new therapies for hematological cancers.

Director : Dr. Josée Hébert

Scientific officer: Dr. Guy Sauvageau

Coordinator: Claude Rondeau


Dr. El Bachir Affar

Dr. Imran Ahmad

Dr. Rachel Aloyz

Dr. Sarit Assouline

Dr. Nadia Bambace

Dr. Frédéric Barabé

Dr. Mark Basik

Dr. Julie Bergeron

Dr. Katherine L.B.Borden

Dr. Lambert Busque

Dr. Christian Carrier

Dr. Sonia Cellot

Dr. Ghislain Cournoyer

Dr. Elliot Drobetsky

Dr. Suzan Fox

Dr. Trang Huang

Dr. Nathalie Johnson

Dr. Marc Lalancette

Dr. Richard Leblanc

Dr. Bernard Lespérance

Dr. François Letendre

Dr. Zawati Ma'n

Dr. Sylvain Meloche

Dr. Wilson Miller

Dr. Éric Milot

Dr. Tarik Möröy

Dr. Dindial Ramotar

Dr. Stéphane Richard

Dr. Denis-Claude Roy

Dr. Jean Roy

Dr. Daniel Sinnett

Dr. Danielle Talbot

Dr. Michel Tremblay