Recipients of the RRCancer Travel Award

It is with great pleasure that RRCancer announces the names of the 18 recipients of a travel award for the Canadian Cancer Research Conference (CCRC):

Recipient University Year Domain of Study Director
Kathryn Bozek McGill- LDI MSc Experimental Medicine Mark Basik
Alexandre Benoit McGill – LDI PhD Experimental Medicine Koren Mann
Caitlin Fierheller McGill – CUSM PhD Human Genetics Patricia Tonin
Kaoutar Ennour-Idrissi Laval – CHA PhD Epidemiology Caroline Diorio
Marie-Anne Goyette Montréal – IRCM PhD Molecular Biology Jean-François Côté
Selin Jessa McGill – LDI PhD Quantitative Life Sciences Claudia Kleinman
Alex Sauriol Montréal – CRCHUM PhD Molecular Biology Anne-Marie Mes-Masson
Lisa Leung Montréal – CRCHUM PhD Epidemiology Anita Koushik
Shivshankari Rajkumar McGill – GCRC PhD Biochemistry Ian Watson
Sylvie Clairefond Montréal – CRCHUM PhD Biomedical Sciences Fred Saad
Thomas Milan Montréal – IRIC PhD Molecular Biology Brian T. Whilhelm
Veronique Tu Montréal – CRCHUM PhD Molecular Biology Francis Rodier
Matthew Dankner McGill – GCRC MD PhD Experimental Medicine Peter Siegel
Adrianne Jenner Montréal Post-doctorat Mathématiques Morgan Craig
Elham Dianati Montréal – IRIC Post-doctorat Molecular Biology Sylvie Mader
Fanny Gaignier Laval- CHUQ Post-doctorat Tumoral Immunology Yves Fradet
Larissa Milano Laval Post-doctorat Molecular Biology Jean-Yves Masson
David Papadopoli McGill – LDI Post-doctorat Oncology Ivan Topisirovic

These students, members of the RRCancer, will share a total budget of $18,000 to promote the excellence of their research to the Canadian community. This is in addition to the $10,000 invested by the Network in sponsorship of the CCRC organization.

RRCancer , in partnership with the Institut du cancer de Montréal, is also proud to support the PPP (Patient Participation Program) program taking place at the CCRC. The mission of this program is to enable cancer patients to broaden their understanding of cancer and the research being done on the disease. In addition, it also allows the scientific community to better identify the ways in which patients can help, inform, support and strengthen cancer research. This year, RRCancer submitted two nominations.