1.1.001-Confidentiality disclosure agreements from biobank personnel

1.1.004-Handling participant complaints

1.1.005-Administration of SOPs

1.1.102-Jobs descriptions roles and responsabilities

Participant and Recruitment Management

2.1.001-Participant recruitment

2.1.002-Developing and revising consent forms

2.1.003-Requesting additional survey information

2.1.005-Obtaining informed consent

2.1.006-Withdrawal of consent

2.1.007-Notification of significant and relevant findings

Records and Documentation Management

3.1.001-Information access control

3.1.002-Database back-up

3.1.003-Data transmission to CTRNet database

3.1.004-Clinical annotation

3.1.005-Retention of data for unbankable samples

3.1.008-Document quality and care

Facilities Management/Operation

4.1.001-Physical security at tumour bank facilities

4.1.003-Procedure for back-up power

4.1.004-Emergency procedure for freezer and refrigerator failure

4.1.006-Maintenance of sample storage facility and equipment

Quality Assurance Procedures

5.1.001-Assessing quality of tissue specimens

5.1.002-Assessing quality of nucleic acids


6.1.002-Handling hazardous chemical waste

6.1.003-Immunization and personnel accident reporting


7.1.001-Education and Training

Materials Handling and Documentation

8.1.001-Labelling and tracking materials

8.1.002-Biohazardous waste management

8.1.003-Inventory verification

8.1.004-Destruction of human specimen material

8.2.001-Blood collection

8.2.002-Blood procesing and storage

8.2.003-Blood derivatives-extraction of RNA

8.2.004-Blood derivatives-extraction of DNA

8.3.001-Tissue collection and transportation

8.3.002-Tissue harveting

8.3.003-Snap freezing of tissue

8.3.004-Preservation of tissue OCT

8.3.005-Preservation of tissue by FFPE

8.3.006-Sectioning of tissue paraffin and OCT embedded tissue

8.3.007-H&E staining of tissue sections

8.3.008-Tissue derivatives-extraction of DNA

8.3.009-Tissue derivatives-extraction of RNA

8.3.010-TMAs from paraffin embedded blocks

8.3.011-Sample retrieval

Material Release

9.1.001-Sample shipping and transportation

9.1.002-Completion of an MTA

9.1.004-Material request and release