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Two research areas of RRCancer actively participate in the banking of biological material: the Quebec Leukemia Cell Bank (BCLQ) axis and the Tissue and Data Bank axis (BTD). Each axis has chosen to organize its activities separately.

  • The BCLQ centralizes biological material from hematological cancers collected in several hospitals at two sites: Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital (adult) and Ste-Justine Hospital (child). For more details, visit the BCLQ website.
  • The BTD brings together several individual banks spread out in various hospitals in Quebec. It focuses on the banking of biological material from solid cancers. The BTD has 11 subsidized banks whose cancers of interest are those of breast and the ovary. The BTD also has several affiliated banks that use the various tools made available by the network. (here we link to the Affiliates page). The latter concentrate their activities on a variety of cancers. If you wish to have more information on BTD banks, please visit this site.
Axe de recherche et banque de cancers hématologiques du Québec

BCLQ – Request for Cells

Axe de recherche et de banque de tissus et de données en cancers solides

BTD – Subsidized Banks