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The Terry Fox Research Institute, The Terry Fox Foundation, and Health Canada are investing with partners across the country to create The Marathon of Hope Cancer Centres network (MOHCCN). This network will unite top-tier cancer researchers and clinicians throughout Canada in order to improve patient-centred treatment strategies. With an investment of $150M over 5 years (excluding required match funding) from the Government of Canada, a key goal of MOCCN is to create a cohort of 15,000 cancer cases across Canada, with extensive sharable genomic profiling information and well-annotated clinical data.

We invite researchers to express their interest in submitting proposals to be considered for the MOHCCN cohort of 15, 000 cases. Please note that during this first phase, priority will be given to projects proposed by members of the Montreal Cancer Consortium as well as the Quebec Cancer Consortium. Although the MOHCCN currently involves researchers and clinicians from the four centers located in Montreal (CHUM, MUHC, HMR, JGH), the goal is to extend the Network to other regions of Quebec as the program develops. Since the network promotes collaboration between members, if your team is involved in a multicentric research protocol with one of the centers mentioned above, we invite you to connect with the researcher in Montreal to discuss the possibility to contribute to this first phase.

Proposals eligible for funding by the MOHCCN must utilize patient samples with extensive genomic profiling and address at least one of the following strategic objectives:

  • Determinants of treatment failure of immunotherapy or precision cancer medicine
  • Study of tumour temporal and spatial heterogeneity.
  • Utility of genomics for real-time clinical decision-making.
  • Study of rare cancer subtypes.

All details of this competition can be found here. The complete expression of interest proposal (form and 500 words abstract) should be submitted by email to

The request must be received by noon on June 1st.

Expression of Interest (EOI)
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Expression of Interest (EOI)
Screening Form